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When a girl wants to escape poverty she will do anything to have a better life




Renata Valero is from a humble village in Panama. Because she is poor she needs to find a job to maintain her home, so she begins to think of ideas but can't decide. On a trip to Barcelona to learn about architecture and history she meets up with some girls and later they find out that they are sisters from their fathers side. Later, they meet their father in Panama City, Panama; who is a rich drug trafficker. At a party, one of Renata's fathers friends gets her drunk and rapes her. The next day, Renata wakes up on the bed with the man and he ends up paying her $500. Later, at another party Renata's sister, Isabella, introduces her husband to her. Renata and Isabella's husband, Martin, fall in love and secretly get married while Martin is still married to Isabella. She finds her new job, prostitution. Two years pass by quickly as Isabella finally finds out when Renata is pregnant with Martin's baby and Isabella pushes Renata down the stairs making her lose her baby. Isabella makes Martin refall in love with her and Renata shoots at Isabella. Martin realizes that he loves Renata so he marries her. After Martin finds one of the drug traffickers and Renata having sex in his bedroom so he got a divorce. Martin decides to stay in an apartment, one dat Renata goes to Martin's apartment and shoots at Martin. Being very mad, Renata commits suicide by throwing herself over an indoor balcony. Renata's sister, Ximena Isabel, finds Renata bleeding in the foyer of her home, but it's too late.


Con senos it's Catalina...but sin senos it's Renata

When a girl desires the better version of life she bEcomes...RENATA

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