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When a girl wants to escape poverty she will do anything to have a better life



Episode 001                 Beginning of the Game

Episode 002                 Bella Catalonia

Episode 003                 New Discoveries

Episode 004                 Sins of Respect

Episode 005                 Ambitious Traps

Episode 006                 Memories from the Past

Episode 007                 Girl in the Shadow

Episode 008                 From Girl to Woman

Episode 009                 Realities with Hate

Episode 010                 Prostituted Business

Episode 011                 Vengeance

Episode 012                 Visits to Poverty

Episode 013                 Love and Unable to Accept

Episode 014                 Employment without the Mafioso

Episode 015                 New Opportunities

Episode 016                 Tying Differences

Episode 017                 Other Half of Love

Episode 018                 I Wish Prada

Episode 019                 Waited Encounter

Episode 020                 Confrontation

Episode 021                 More Beauty and More Ardent

Episode 022                 Paradise in the Bed

Episode 023                 Truths of Infantile

Episode 024                 Loving Bonds

Episode 025                 United Traitors

Episode 026                 United by Love

Episode 027                 Hawaiian Seduction

Episode 028                 Returning from Paradise

Episode 029                 Betrayed and Lost

Episode 030                 Spreading Hatred

Episode 031                 Unexpected Lovers

Episode 032                 Ambitious Criminals

Episode 033                 Mind at Work

Episode 034                 Traitor Returns

Episode 035                 Hiring Cretins

Episode 036                 Presents for his Beloved

Episode 037                 Hired Lover

Episode 038                 Taken

Episode 039                 Helped and Loved

Episode 040                 Demonic Hits

Episode 041                 In the Escape

Episode 042                 Arrested Violator

Episode 043                 Prison of Capos

Episode 044                 Ardent Passion

Episode 045                 Slave of Men

Episode 046                 Family Betrayal

Episode 047                 Californian Sun

Episode 048                 Bastard Daughter

Episode 049                 Help with the Seducer

Episode 050                 Kill of Passion

Episode 051                 Trap of the Devil

Episode 052                 Gossip!

Episode 053                 Woman behind Bars

Episode 054                 Character Awaited

Episode 055                 Calls vs. Girl

Episode 056                 Family Bonds

Episode 057                 Angry and Expected

Episode 058                 Secrets Told

Episode 059                 Alluring Games

Episode 060                 New Enemies

Episode 061                 Venomous Attack

Episode 062                 Sick of Being Attacked!

Episode 063                 Nuptial Oath

Episode 064                 Success of Plans

Episode 065                 Union towards Mexico

Episode 066                 Police with Old Friends

Episode 067                 Trip to the Riches

Episode 068                 Found by Enemies

Episode 069                 Arrested

Episode 070                 Declared War

Episode 071                 Turned in to Enemies

Episode 072                 Attacked Dog

Episode 073                 Reunited and it felt so good!

Episode 074                 Lesbian Rape!

Episode 075                 Cold as Water!

Episode 076                 Realizing Truths

Episode 077                 Playing for the Other Side

Episode 078                 As it should be

Episode 079                 Defending Territories

Episode 080                 Returning to the Devil

Episode 081                 Loving Love

Episode 082                 Vicious Threats

Episode 083                 Mortal Seduction

Episode 084                 Without Money there is no Paradise

Episode 085                 Playing for the Enemies

Episode 086                 Tricked and Returned

Episode 087                 Visit of a Lover

Episode 088                 Flirt for a Lesbian?

Episode 089                 Unknown News

Episode 090                 Money for Heaven

Episode 091                 Bruises that can't be cured

Episode 092                 Cured from Pain

Episode 093                 Rescued by Mystery

Episode 094                 I'm not Interested in You!

Episode 095                 Murdered by the Principle

Episode 096                 Unexpected Encounter

Episode 097                 Returning to Villain Schemes

Episode 098                 Bad Wile

Episode 099                 Poisoned and Seduced 

Episode 100                 Without Blood

Episode 101                 Bleeding without Blood

Episode 102                 Fiesta of Enemies

Episode 103                 It's getting Hot in Here

Episode 104                 Betrayal from Devils

Episode 105                 Body with Body

Episode 106                 Abandoned

Episode 107                 Felling Emotions

Episode 108                 Lonesome as Expected

Episode 109                 Sweet Tragedy


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