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When a girl wants to escape poverty she will do anything to have a better life


Alejandra Pinzon is Renata

The ambition, the vanity and the money will be the cross of their history.

Renata is beautiful girl of humble, pretty, ingenuous and ambitious origin. She has been maintaining a loving relation with Francisco for a time but their objectives of the life are different and soon these will be the causes of the deterioration of the relation, once is enchanted with Leonardo Balinquez and Martin de la Montoya, the representation of the power that it yearns for.

She lives with Veronica and later with Ximena Isabel, her mother and although she feels the great gratefulness reason why they have done by her, is tired of the poverty in which it has had to live per years.

Renata is obsessed with the husband of her sister, Martin de la Montoya, to manage to surpass its friends, being coveted by the powerful and dangerous millionaires who surround them, to those who she considers its ticket for a life better. Its ambition takes to Renata more and more to submerge in the dark world of prostitution and the Mafia.

For his misfortune, she finishes being one of the girls who works for Santuan and Julieta to look for girls and to send to the dealing a the narcotics detective of the country… she will be one of its victims.

Interview with Alejandra Pinzon

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